Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute 
Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare)
Garladinne, District. Anantapur,(A.P)-515731
S.No. Name of the Application Form Pdf
1 Revised Application form (February, 2018) Download
2 Detailed Technical specification of power/rotary Weeder [engine above 3.5 kW] (updated on March, 2013) Download
3 Detailed Technical specification of power/rotary Weeder [engine up to 3.5 kW] (uploaded on March, 2013) Download
4 Format of Declaration of Selected performance characteristics of Power Tiller uploaded on
February, 2018
5 Specification of Brush  Cutter Download
6 Specification-Rice Transplanter Download
7 Specification-Cultivator(TD) Download
8 Specification-M.B.Plough Download
9 Specification-Post Hole Digger Download
10 Specification-Rotavator Download
11 Specification of PowerTiller Download
12 Specification-Chaff Cutter Machines Download
13 Specification-Harrow Download
14 Specification-Disc Plough Download
15 Specification-Seed Drill(TD) Download
16 Specification-Thresher Download
17 Specification of Self Propelled Reaper Download
18 Specification of Power Tiller Mounted Reaper Download
19 Random Sampling of Power Tiller for Batch Testing Download
20 Specification of Mobile Shredder new Download
21 Specification of Paddy Weeder new Download
22 Specification of Reaper (Tractor Front Mounted) new Download
23 Specification of Square Baler new Download
24 Specification of Terracer Blade new Download
25 Specification of Self Propelled Platform for Tree Maintenance new Download
26 Specification of Disc Puddler new Download


Note:- Application for Testing of any machine is same and given in S.No.1, which should be accompanied by respective Specification in the format given above.