FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) relating to the Southern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute, Tractor Nagar, PO: Garladinne 515 731, District: Anantapur (A.P.)

 1.  What is Southern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute?

Southern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute is a subordinate office of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare to cater the training and testing needs in farm machinery of southern states of the country.

2.  When was SRFMT & TI established?

     The Institute was established during the later part of 1983.

3.  What are the objectives of SRFMT & TI?

     The Institute functions with two main objectives:

-         To impart training on Farm Machinery to different categories of personnel;


-         Testing and evaluation of Farm Machinery for the benefit of actual users and manufacturers.

4.  What is the network of FMT&TIs?

There are four FMT&TIs one each at Budni (M.P), Hissar (Haryana), Garladinne (A.P.) and Biswanath Chariali (Assam).  All these Institutes are functioning under the administrative control of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi 110 001.

5.  Where is SRFMT & TI located?

     SRFMT & TI is located 24 kms away from Anantapur (A.P.) and 5 kms from Garladinne village which is on NH-44.  The location of the Institute is known as Tractor Nagar which comes under Singanamala Mandal of Anantapur District.  The nearest Railway Station is Garladinne (South Central Railway).


6.What is the objective of testing ?

      The objective of testing of agricultural machinery and Power Tiller. is to assess their functional suitability and performance characteristics under different agro climatic conditions.

      To carryout  trials on machinery and implements which have proven successful in other regions of the world with a view to explore the possibility of their introduction in the Country.

      To assist Bureau of Indian Standards in the formulation of various standards on agricultural implements and machines.


7. Whether the format of application is available on website and can it be used by the applicants?


     The format of application for Testing is available on the website and can be used by applicants for testing.


8. What is the basis of Testing?


     Usually tests are carried out as per the standards/test codes of BIS. However those machines for which standards/test codes are not available, guidelines are taken from other published standards/test codes. In case, no such test codes are available at the time of testing, the test procedure is evolved by mutual agrement between the Institute and the manufacturer.


  9.Whether there are any regulations for testing of Agricultural Machinery?


       Yes.  Regulations for testing of Agricultural Machinery can be obtained from the Institute.  It is also available on


10.     Whether any report is released on implements/machines after completion of tests?


          Yes.  A draft test report will be released on the sample tested after completion of tests.  Final test report will be released after including the comments of the applicant, if any.

11.     How to get the copy of Test Reports?

Copy of the Commercial Test Reports can be had from the Director, SRFMT&TI, Garladinne-515731, Dist.: Anantapur (A.P.) on payment of Rs. 500/- for each Report by way of a Demand Drafts payable at State Bank of India, Anantapur (A.P.) (Branch Code: 0806) or by Money Order. 

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