Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute 
Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare)
Garladinne, District. Anantapur,(A.P)-515731

For sustainable development of agriculture and enhancement of land productivity improved implements and quality Agricultural machines are important. They help to achieve timeliness of farm operations enabling efficient use of other inputs such as seed, chemicals, fertilizers and water. Under dynamic situation of changing cropping patterns as influenced by socioeconomic factors, identification of quality and need based agricultural machines are of paramount importance.

As far as the farm equipment industry is concerned, the major component of manufacturing community is in the small scale sector which can not afford to have their own Research & Development facilities.  Therefore, the quality of such products is very difficult to achieve. Today variety of machines can be seen being used in Indian agriculture, but it is not always true that every machine being used have functional and endurance reliabilities. The wide variation of soil and agro-climatic conditions, agronomical practices and cropping patterns may make one machine useful in one region but useless in the other.  Thus, the field of agricultural machinery testing is most important and presents greater challenge in achieving quality and standardization. In the light of urgent need for testing of agricultural machinery, the Government of India has set up Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes in order to check performance of agricultural machines before taking decision to import or manufacture and introduce in Indian agriculture.

Testing by an impartial agency is the most reliable criteria in judging performance of agricultural machines through laboratory tests as well as tests under actual field conditions. Thus by carrying out tests and performance evaluation of agricultural machines, the institute is providing support for the appropriate selection and utilization of agricultural machines when it is introduced to the farm and at the same time supports the industry for manufacturing proper farm machinery. The main objectives of testing are as under.


1. To test agricultural machinery, engines, etc. manufactured in the country with a view to assess their functional suitability and performance characteristics under different agro climatic conditions so that the published test results would:

-conditions which could be encouraged for production and popularization.

*  Help the farmers and other prospective purchasers in determining the comparative performance of machinery

* Provide material to researchers/designers for undertaking development work on agricultural machinery, engineers and extension workers for guiding farmers and other users in the proper selection of equipment.

*  Form basis for standard specifications to be used by the manufacturers and distributors.

*  Help financial Institutions in recommending financial assistance to the manufacturers as well as the farmers.

2. To carryout trials on machinery and implements which have proven successful in other regions of the world with a view to explore the possibility of their introduction in the Country.

3.To assist Bureau of Indian Standards in the formulation of various standards on agricultural implements and machines.

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