Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (SRFMT&TI), Tractor Nagar, Garladinne (PO), Dist.Anantapur is not merely a name within the country among agricultural machinery Institutions but a living culture. Transformation of this culture is the end result of untiring, dedicated and faithful services of a team of engineers, technicians and other personnel for the last four decades in the field of farm mechanization. The Institute conducts training courses in operation, maintenance and repair of farm machinery and equipment, and in the improved mechanized farming techniques for the benefits of progressive farmers, tractor owners, technicians, in-service personnel Institute also conducts energy conservation and management camps and arrange training for the women working in the field agriculture. It is the official Institution in the country for the testing of Power tillers and farm equipments & machinery.


The Institute is situated at about 24 kms away from Anantapur District place and 4 kms from Garladinne town. The nearest Railway Station is Garladinne (South Central Railway) which is also located on NH-44. The Institute is situated at a latitude of 14.83º N and longitude of 77.61º E at an altitude of 342 m from sea level. It is about 233 km from Bangalore and 343 km from Hyderabad.


The Geographical position of the Peninsula render it, the driest part of the State and hence Agriculture conditions are more often precarious. Monsoons also evades this part due to its unfortunate location and deprived of both the monsoons and subjected to droughts due to bad seasons. The normal rainfall is about 500 mms. March, April and May months are warm months when the normal daily maximum temperature ranges between 300C-400C. December and January are cooler months when the temperature falls about 170C-200C. The Soil is predominantly red.


1. ESTABLISHMENT: The Institute enjoys the pioneer status under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmers Welfare , Govt. of India. The responsibility for organisation and management is vested with the Director. He is assisted by the Technical and other Staff responsible for testing, training, farm and other sections at the Institute. The training staff consist of Senior Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Engineers, Senior Technical Assistant, Training Assistants, Technicians. A farm superintendent assists for imparting training on the improved farming techniques. Specialists from manufacturing units and Govt. organisation are also invited to deliver lectures on the subjects. The Testing wing has Senior Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Senior Technical Assistant, Technician.

2. HOSTEL FACILITIES: The Institute has reasonably equipped hostel facilities (for 100 trainees) where they are provided free accommodation. The boarding is managed contract mess. The present charges per day is Rs. 70/- per person for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Facilities for sports and indoor and outdoor games are provided in the campus for the trainees. Besides the above, social, educational and cultural programmes, movies on technical subjects are organised.

3. GUEST HOUSE: The Institute has reasonably equipped two-room guest house with A/C facilities (for four persons) where they are provided accommodation @Rs.500/- per day per person.

4. LIBRARY: A Library with a large collection of technical and other reference books, periodicals and magazines on mechanised farming, general agriculture and related subjects is provided for the use of trainees and staff.

5. DISPENSARY: A dispensary equipped with medicines of day-to-day requirements is maintained for the benefit of staff and trainees. The dispensary is staffed with a Compounder.

6. FARM: The Institute possesses a total area of 185.332 hect. of land.

Actual Land Utilization at present is as follows

Name of the Building/Area Area in Hectors
Office Complex/Colony, Hostel etc,. 28.00 ha
Forestry 15.00 ha
Area under canal use 8.98 ha
Area under Farm road 2.50 ha
Stoney Area 33.28 ha
Area under Haulage test track 12.50 ha
Area under percolation tanks 4.00 ha
Area left externally along with fencing for use farmer/near-by villagers as road 2.07 ha
Net Cultivable area (Training & testing activities) 54.90 ha
Total area 185.33 ha